We are So happy you love the pens!  Our customers Make the Best sales people! 

We will be using Share A Sale to administer the program (They do Simon Says Stamp's affiliate program as well) 

This is an international program too! So if someone in USA reads your blog or site and buys from US site you get credit! The only thing is folks that order in UK have to order through Create & Craft till then end of May 2015 so this would be giving you credit for anyone who orders pens through our e-commerce sites around the world -except UK (till May) 

The program is great as you just sign up with them and they do the payments to you every month. We have all the banner ads on line there 

for you to choose and download what works best for you blog / site / email etc 

The program will be live by end of this November 

Here is the link to tell you all about it !