One of the best things to do is go through the initial tutorials!video-tutorials/c1yfo

but also sign up for the newsletter to get the free downloadable images and video tutorials to follow along with 

I found these were a great help for me!home/mainPage!NOVEMBER NEWS/c15ql

I also find that if you buy stamps that also provide the colored image sample, it can help to copy those 

as they tend to show where the light source and highlights are coming from - just fuse the pen and work away from the light source 

or start with the highlight area and work outward to the dark 

We are actually working on a product called Chameleon Color Cards that are 4x6 post cards printed on high quality alcohol card stock 

that also come with shadow and shading guides for each image .. I am challenged with light placement too so I think these will really help 

me learn. 

Practice makes perfect, learn it .. love it!