There is a bit of a learning curve at first but once you get the hang of it you really will find these can do some amazing color transitions and blends.

30 seconds of Fuse time is a VERY long fuse. The fuse time vary depending on how big of an area you are coloring - I only fuse for 30 seconds when I have a big area more than an inch in size 

but for smaller areas like areas under an inch fuses of about 10-15 seconds is all you should need - here is a great resource for practicing fuse times and lengths of resulting blends!free-downloads/c1e99

I have been told that our system takes no more time to do the same time to blends vs other systems, you just do more with less pens and many folks find it easier once they get the hang of it 

To do a smooth color transition or blend with regular alcohol pens you need 3 pens and you need to constantly switch between them laying down light, then med then dark then blending in between 

The Chameleon Pen system does this with on 10-30 second blend and you just color it out from there 

We have some good videos that show different techniques on how use Chameleon Pens  - We just uploaded some great ones showing technique to do face and hair even Fur!video-tutorials/c1yfo