Each Chameleon Color Tones Pen comes with its own Mixing Chamber designed to infuse either nib with the colorless Toning Medium, this lightens the color at the source (the nib). Much like diluting watercolor paints with water, the Toning Medium in the Mixing Chamber dilutes the color intensity to produce lighter tints.

How the Chameleon Pen works 

The magic happens as soon as you begin to draw or color. The ink starts as a lighter tone and darkens back to the original color. The pen does the blending! 

1. Remove the pen from the Mixing Chamber. 
Choose your nib, Bullet or Brush, and remove the cap.  Gently place the Mixing Chamber on top of the chosen nib - the two nibs will touch


For best results the two nibs simply have to touch to infuse. The specially designed Mixing Chamber evenly infuses the Toning Medium into the nib giving a seamless and consistent color flow. No need to force the Mixing Chamber down or try to snap it closed. 

2. Hold the pen in a vertical position. Gravity does the work! The Toning Medium flows into the nib below.

3. The pen tip will change color 
4. Color to create seamless color blends